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Honoring Lives and Celebrating Fond Memories

At SilverCloud Funeral Directors, we create personalized funeral and memorial services that honor your loved one’s unique personality and passions. Our experienced team will help you create a meaningful tribute, whether you choose a traditional funeral or a modern celebration of life. Let us help you celebrate someone special in a way that truly honors their memory.

Why have a funeral ?

When we experience the death of someone we love, a funeral or memorial service fills several important needs.

Pay Tribute

A service pays special tribute to the person’s life, helping us acknowledge the death and remember the life during this naturally difficult time.

Receive Support

A funeral allows friends and family to express the love and respect they feel. Often, just seeing how much others care can help a family adjust to their loss.

Begin Mourning

The service helps survivors face the reality of death, a first step toward taking grief from the inside and allowing us to express it on the outside through mourning.

Express Feelings

Funerals are a means of expressing our beliefs, thoughts and feelings. It helps us acknowledge that someone we love has died and allows us to say goodbye.

Planning a funeral can be overwhelming

Our knowledgeable staff is ready to guide you through the process and provide the support you need.

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When we experience the death of someone we love, a funeral or memorial service fills several important needs.

Befitting Casket

Arrangement of vault

Casket Bearers

The Role of the
Funeral Home

A funeral home and its staff play a critical role in planning and carrying out a meaningful funeral.

Knowledge & Experience

Licensed funeral directors are intimately familiar with the funeral planning process and the decisions a grieving family must make. Funeral directors have the knowledge and experience to help families understand the options available to them, to explain the value of different product features and to help create highly personalized, meaningful tributes.

Coordination & Planning

They provide value in a variety of ways before and after the service – arranging for removal of the body, obtaining required legal documents, preparing a loved one for viewing, planning the service, arranging for final disposition, providing facilities for the visitation and funeral service, and transporting the deceased and mourners to the final resting place.

Understanding Your Needs

Keep in mind that the funeral you have is essentially a statement your family makes to the community at large: “Someone precious to us has died. We are in grief and invite you to join us in remembering life and supporting each other.” Your local funeral professional can handle the details and help you create a unique service that fits your needs and values.

Grief Support & Healing

Funeral Directors have been trained to help families through the grief process and can do so in an environment that is conducive to healing. They can guide you through the entire process, explain all of your options and help you to make decisions that help start the healing process. In a time of distress, they can be a voice of compassion and reason.